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Currently our companies are managing hundreds of already tested workers in different shipyard and offshore projects. They are ready-to-send-and-work professional workers, mostly from Poland, that can be delegated to work on any demand.

Here are different types of professions of workers we can provide to shipyard & offshore projects.

Are any of the professions in the scope of your interests?

- cleaners
- firemen
- hydro-blasters
- lift workers
- painters
- sand-blasters
- splulers
- welders
- RIG OIL workers
- Drivers
- Mechanics
- engineers metallurgy & petro +30 people
- industrial mechanics +40 people
- structural engineers +20 people
- electrical engineers +30 people
- operating engineers +30 people
- network technicians +40 people
- civil engineers +15 people
- chemical engineers +5 people
- CAD desiners +5 people
- CNC operators +10 people
- phisical workers: numbers
- fitters +50 people
- lorry drivers +10 people
- lathe workers +10 people
- turners +15 people
- crane operators +10 people
- ship building fitters +30 people
- warehouse workers +150 people
- locksmiths +10 people
- safety guards +20 people
- building workers +20 people

Most of the workers provide necessary certificates, a minimum of 3 years work experience, and have been working in varied European shipyards projects as spullers, cleaners, welders, fitters, electricians, sandblasters, painters and offshore industry. These are usually jobs based on temporary work contracts.

The current law gives an opportunity for shipyards to apply and acquire new temporary physical workers, all according to the managements needs, and in a very short time. This, in general, enables companies to increase labour savings, cut social expenses and duties, omit time-consuming employee procedures, and offer simplified legal solutions, that do not violate strict tax and labour procedures and the labour law.


One of our partners is delegating us cleaning works and since 2010 we have delegated over +400 cleaners and firewatch workers to shipyard in Denmark.

In one of the projects our workers operated on area of 110.000 m2, cleaning five times 700 m2 of shipyard office areas, five times shower and clean areas and offshores areas of 210.000 m2.

Shipyard in Odense ordered from our company cleaning works with 110.000 m2 of cleaning docks and working areas and maintaining industrial waste.

In year 2014 Dimakt co. run different projects for conservation of platform in shipyards: f.e. we provided in only 3 months more than 100 painters, also sandblasters and grinders/cleaners with total of 240 workers.


Our workers we are leasing to shipyards in Denmark. However we offer our workers to companies also in other countries.

We handle matters for workers that are employment, taxes, accommodation, transport, tools, insurances etc.

Dimakt is paid for worked hours of our workers; workers will work also at nights, with fixed, flat rate.


As in recent years we have been using +400 workers we have had large database about our workers.
Here we provide a real database of our workers with data and opinions from Danish foremans.

Here is 1_4 part of database: 

If have needs for temporary workers to your company please contact with us, so that we can discuss about leasing workers (phisical workers, engineers etc) for short and longer work contracts.

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