Państwa zadowolenie buduje naszą solidną opinię.
Wasza satysfakcja jest naszym sukcesem. EN

The company Dimakt was founded In 2007.
Our Registered office is in Sopot, Poland.

When founded, our company was one of the first to send Poles abroad to work. Since we started our business activity, we have recruited dozens of shipyard workers. We have given Polish workers the opportunity to work safely in shipyards in Denmark.

Our professionalism, reliability, commitment, competence and experience help us to obtain new clients and business partners.

Our long-term experience in recruitment processes and selecting candidates for the shipyard industry allows us to take full responsibility to lead you on your way towards professional success.
We treat each candidate like our first and most important client, using our best efforts to show them we care.

Your satisfaction builds our solid reputation. Your satisfaction is our success.

Nasze cele

  • Building satisfaction of workers and customers
  • Expand to Scandinavian shipyard markets
  • Looking for qualified and experienced workers in country
  • Availabilty to provide more qualified workers
  • Help with seasonal work
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